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We utilize industry best enterprise technologies to help create a content delivery network that accelerates content delivery. Now deliver multimedia content on multiple devices seamlessly. monitored by our professional technicians 24/7. Eliminate bottleneck for data access & processing to gain predictable latency & fast response time as your reach grows.

We help your applications perform dramatically faster & cost significantly less to scale. Our range of support services for all leading caching systems will help you reduce complexity & cut technical and business risks, efficiently. Be assured that Our engineers work side-by-side with your development, DevOps, Ops, and management teams to assist with design, optimization, upgrades, audits, monitoring, training, and troubleshooting.

Genex’s wide range of Technology Expertise, the choice is yours!

ElasticSearch + Kibana

ElasticSearch database administration for effortless cluster management


Leverage the Genex support for Redis database administration for better availability, performance, and security


Fully managed Kafka clusters for your event-driven architecture


Gain consistent throughput with Genex RabbitMQ administration

Grafana-Prometheus Monitoring

Store, Visualize and Correlate your stacks in one place

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