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Genex’s end-to-end managed support is at your service to help manage and optimize your critical Oracle systems. With a team of certified Oracle experts and their proven technical expertise in database management and support, you can be rest assured that your Oracle enterprise systems are running at peak performance.

With Genex, you gain access to our top Oracle certified masters who help maximize the value of your Oracle databases. Gain an extension to your team with Genex and start on the right foot with our reliable, comprehensive Oracle consulting & managed services


Reinforcing your database for maximum performance

Installation and Upgradation

With deep knowledge of deployment and advanced features of every version of Oracle database, our certified experts help with seamless configuration, installation and timely updates for error-free performance

Database Health Review

Genex Oracle database health review is directed towards assessing the performance, stability and availability of your systems and stop any potential problems that may develop into major defects

RMAN Backup Management

We at Genex leverage modern tools available to extend your RMAN scripts for a seamless backup & recovery experience

DataGuard Setup and Management

Genex helps configure physical standby that allow full system recovery in case of primary data loss. Hence, future-proofing 24/7 data availability

Performance Best Practices

Genex Performance tuning includes scalability, performance improvement, and configuration to ensure your Oracle database is always future forward

Database Reorg

We leverage improved database reorganization process leading to better data availability, swift query performance and response time to put in place an easier, secure upgrade process

Growth Analysis

Genex helps analyze the shape of your Oracle database suite and plan for upgrades for a progressive growth & performance

OEM Installation and configuration

We help deploy & configure Oracle Enterprise Monitoring applications tool to have centralized monitoring of all Oracle databases in various ways that suit your business needs

(RAC) Installation and Management

We help configure & maintain Real Application Cluster installations empowering you to have high availability and distributed load.

User Management

Role-based access control as an advanced access control. We help establish security policies that authenticates & monitors user database actions for advanced information safety

Long Running Query Analysis

We help analyze & troubleshoot the flow of long running, complex queries to tune your database for hassle-free performance & availability

Cross Platform Migration

We put together a well-planned, properly executed process to lead flawless migration at a fraction of cost for a stable & efficient database

ASM Configuration and Management

Genex helps to configure Automatic Storage Management to have automated disk management and online resizing of space for large databases.

Multi tenant Database Management

Genex helps in consolidating multiple databases into single multi tenant database 12c, 18c or 19c. Thus reducing hardware cost.

Cloud Environments

Building your database in cloud allows you to save, grow & innovate faster. Our database savants possess expertise in all major cloud platforms, compatible with major relational databases, combining the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases

Create hybrid databases on reliable cloud environments that are fully compatible with MySQL & PostgreSQL, faster, available & reliable. With our partnership with Amazon, we help automate time-consuming administration tasks like hardware provisioning, database setup, patching & backups and optimize your database team for a boost in productivity

  • AWS EC2
  • GCP
  • OCI

cloud                     environments

Golden Gate

Oracle GoldenGate is a Heterogeneous replication tool which enables replication between various databases like Oracle, MSSQL, Mysql, DB2, etc., It supports an active-active replication mode and allows both systems to work simultaneously while maintaining the data integrity.

With the aid of top-notch data replication tools, we manoeuvre your data replication schemes based on your exact business need.

  • Replicate one or many tables to a read-write database.
  • Replicate and transform tables.
  • Bi-directional replication.
  • Zero or near-zero downtime upgrade.
  • Heterogeneous replication


The Exadata Database Machine is an engineered system from Oracle, providing extensive benefits for running Oracle database workloads.
The system is composed of database and storage servers, Infiniband fabric for storage networking and all other components required for Oracle database.

Exadata runs all types of database workloads including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Data Warehousing (DW), In-Memory Analytics as well as consolidation of mixed workloads. Exadata can be purchased and deployed on premises as part of local infrastructure, or as Cloud at Customer form as foundation for private cloud, and also used as service in the Oracle Public Cloud.

  • Flash Cache – solid-state disks. Caches hot data (data frequently used)
  • Storage index – utilizes min/max values to help queries run faster.
  • Smart scans – performed at hardware level by Oracle.
  • Security – Encrypted backup with change tracking file, in which the storage nodes offer hardware decryption acceleration.


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