DBA Training

Expert guidance for enhanced data handling capabilities

Internal training

Our Database Engineers and SREs also undergo regular trainings to adapt to the latest technologies

Understanding your backend

Better understanding enables you to build better applications suitable for the technology

Customer training

Revolves around the concepts that are important to write better queries for optimal applications


Operational Support for optimal database performance

Database administration is an imperative function in any organization that is dependent on one or more databases. Genex DBA training is here to enhance your data handling capabilities. Learn to install & upgrade database server & application tools

Our skilled DBA administrators share their expertise and help you master database performance optimization, restore databases, generate reports, and many such database administration functions. Gain the foundational skills you need to be a confident, high-earning DBA. Through real-world exercises & problems, we teach you the skills & knowledge necessary to manage & structure your own databases


DBA Training
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