Worry-free MongoDB administration services for effortless database migrations


Premier MongoDB administration services around the clock!

With our forte in leading, open-source, document-oriented DBMS MongoDB, we help manage your MongoDB administration services to maintain mint condition, to help you build effective, high-quality & agile applications. We are in-sync with you right from installation to timely upgrades, leading you to success in every step of the way.

Our dedicated MongoDB administration experts combined with MongoDB’s innate features, schema-less data architecture to Sharding and Replica Sets, we optimize your database to completely utilize its powerful capabilities & provide you a strong foundation to deploy highly available and massively scalable database-driven applications.


Reinforcing your database administration for maximum performance

24/7 Monitoring

Rest easy, as your databases are monitored at all times. With your database administration in our hands, we’ll ensure that your critical databases are always running with maximal uptime & at top performance

Installation & Upgradation

Whether you need assistance with new installation or upgrade the existing system for better performance, our MongoDB administration experts are here to alleviate your burden

Schema Review

We help design & integrate your multiple database sources into a single planned database schema from scratch, for a seamless transition

Configuration Management

Without appropriate configuration management, automation is likely to be futile. We at Genex support you with retention & database administration of configuration information essential for audit, resilience & support

Automated Backups

Data disasters are a matter of when rather than if. We ensure the best MongoDB administration services for properly backed up & recovered systems when needed

DDL/DML execution

Our expertise in DDL & DML execution allows us to use these components to access, modify, store, and retrieve data items from databases, specify database schema, control user access, and perform other associated database administration operations for better performance

User Access Management

Role-based access control as advanced access control. Our database administrators establish security policies that authenticate & monitor user database actions for advanced information safety


Improve data accessibility across your entire network. We enable you to enhance your system and achieve improvement in data availability, increase data access speed, enhance server performance and accomplish solid disaster recovery

With the aid of top-notch data replication tools, we maneuver your data replication schemes based on your exact business need

  • Replica Set
  • Database Sharding

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