Monitoring & 24/7Support

Aiding proactive assistance for consistent data quality monitoring

Monitor profile

Your data condition is always monitored to ensure that any discrepancies are immediately solved


We help standardize your data format across all channels making finding & correcting errors, seamless

Issue Resolution

We promise to resolve the issues as soon as possible to ensure minimum disruption to the business

Root Cause Analysis

We do a deep dive on the issues after they are resolved to identify the source of the problem rather than just patching the issue

24*7 data monitoring

Our 24/7 data monitoring support provides automatic alerts, audit trails, & quick issue resolution


Operational Support for optimal database performance

Your data is our responsibility. Our expertise allows us to predict data issues before they pop up. Your organization’s data is a valuable asset that can be optimized to drive greater success. Hence it is pivotal that the quality of your data is always high and compliant to data policies.

You have round-the-clock control over the quality of your data, critical for seamless data management initiatives. With Genex, we take less time to pinpoint data issues and maintain consistent, high-quality data at any given time


Support and Packages

Full-time Support (AMC)

24/7 Monitoring
Quarterly Maintenance

On-demand Support

Quarterly Maintenance
24/7 Monitoring


Technology we Support

Our expertise aids support in all major databases including Oracle MySQL, Percona MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and associated platforms

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