Fully managed Kafka clusters for your event- driven architecture



Premier Kafka support around the clock!

As a distributed system for collecting, storing, and processing data at scale, Apache Kafka® comes with its own deployment complexities. This is where the team of Genex comes in. Our Kafka support engineers provide a complete, fully managed, serverless, and easy-to-use event streaming platform that allows developers to be focused on what they do best: developing applications.

As an extension of your team, we provide 24/7 Kafka operations support for both managed and self-owned Kafka installations. Experience suitable operational support response time with unparalleled access to our extensive Kafka expertise


Reinforcing your database for maximum performance

24/7 Monitoring

Rest easy, as your caches are monitored at all times. With your databases in our hands, we’ll ensure that your critical databases are always running with maximal uptime & at top performance

Installation & Upgradation

Whether you need assistance with new installation or upgrade the existing system for better performance, our DBA experts are here to alleviate your burden

Setting up cluster with automated failover

Experience minimum disruptions with failover cluster setup from Genex. We facilitate automatic trigger of failover clusters to provide your applications a higher server availability at all times

Performance Tuning

Genex Performance tuning includes scalability, performance improvement, and configuration to ensure a future forward caching & messaging platform

User Access Management

Role-based access control as an advanced access control. We help establish security policies that authenticates & monitors user database actions for advanced information safety

SSL Implementation

Maintain authorized communication with Genex SSL certificate validations. With this security layer in place, prevent unwanted sensitive data leak and even exclude the possibility of SQL injection attacks, etc.

ACL based topic restrictions

We ensure ACL-based authentication & authorizations to protect your database administrative functions that persist across multiple deployments and access control lists that restricts access to a specific element or element type, creating a fortress around your data

MirrorMaker support for replicating topics

We utilize Kafka’s robust data replication utility to increase resilience of your Kafka centric architectures

Producer/Consumer troubleshooting

Our Kafka experts are online 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues that may arise in this multi-producer, multi-consumer structure and reduce downtime significantly

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