Grafana- Prometheus Monitoring

Store, Visualize and Correlate your stacks in one place


Premier Grafana support around the clock!

We at Genex use a combination of Prometheus & Grafana to create a dynamic, interactive dashboard for monitoring ingress into monitor your applications & database. Securely monitor your container environments with ease.

Gain rich, interactive data visualizations to analyze, monitor, and alarm on metrics, logs, and traces across multiple data sources.


Reinforcing your database for maximum performance

24/7 Monitoring

Rest easy, as your databases are monitored at all times. With your databases in our hands, we’ll ensure that your critical databases are always running with maximal uptime & at top performance

Installation & Upgradation

Whether you need assistance with new installation or upgrade the existing system for better performance, our DBA experts are here to alleviate your burden

Setting up cluster with automated failover

Experience minimum disruptions with failover cluster setup from Genex. We facilitate automatic trigger of failover clusters to provide your applications a higher server availability at all times

Performance Tuning

Genex Performance tuning includes scalability, performance improvement, and configuration to ensure a future forward caching & messaging platform

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