ElasticSearch + Kibana

ElasticSearch database administration for effortless cluster management

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Premier ElasticSearch + Kibana database administration around the clock!

Leverage our Elasticsearch database admin skills & 24/7 dedicated support for stable clusters and achieve unparalleled performance and cost reduction along with stable data health. Experience our enterprise-class, worldwide database administration for Kibana integrated Elasticsearch & other stack.

With years of direct, hands-on experience managing large Elasticsearch deployments, Genex efficiently handles database administration & data-analytics in real time. Take advantage of market-leading functionalities and Kibana visualizations on large data sets, with features including high available clusters, TLS, and RBAC.


Reinforcing your database administration for maximum performance

24/7 Monitoring

Data disasters are a matter of when rather than if. We ensure the best database administration to back up & help recover your system when needed

Installation & Upgradation

Whether you need assistance with new installation or upgrade the existing system for better performance, our DBA admin experts are here to alleviate your burden

Setting up cluster with automated failover

Experience minimum disruptions with failover cluster setup from Genex. We facilitate automatic trigger of failover clusters to provide your applications a higher server availability at all times

Sharding Management

Scale out your database administration to mitigate the impact of outages, with Genex. Scale your database horizontally and create reliable applications that are immune to outages

Performance Tuning

Genex Performance tuning includes scalability, performance improvement, and configuration to ensure a future forward caching & messaging platform

User Access Management

Role-based access control as an advanced access control. Our DBA admins establish security policies that authenticates & monitors user database actions for advanced information safety

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